Franchise system financials you can rely on.

Unit Financials by ZeeWise helps grow your brand by easily combining unit financial sources to provide actionable insight you can trust.

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Unit Financials is the easiest way to:
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Feel Empowered

Make confident, data-driven decisions from your unit financials.

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Replace spreadsheets and emailed reports.

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View all current and historic income statement data.

How It Works

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Create your brand space in moments with no sales calls, set-up fees, or build-out time.

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Invite franchisees

Send invite emails to owners for one-time onboarding in a few clicks.

explore data

Compare up-to-date income statement information from the system to the store level.

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ZeeWise provides financial wisdom for franchise systems.  Our technology simply connects data from the unit, segment, and brand level to take the guesswork out of decision making.

The largest and most respected franchise brands trust our decades of industry experience to put their system data to work.  We also believe in helping small business owners and brands of any size feel empowered by their data.

Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, reliable data, that unlocks the potential of franchise systems.  We understand the challenges facing franchise systems and strive to support their journey with simplicity in all our products.  

Brands Rely on ZeeWise.

"Easy to Use"

Simplifying metrics and making unit economics transparent for franchisees, franchisors, and consultants, ZeeWise allows everyone to be on the same page! Knowing the numbers, analyzing them on easy to use dashboards, and centralizing the data for immediate access allows everyone needed time to focus on the bottom line.

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"A Trusted Partner"

ZeeWise has been a trusted partner since 2013. They have been instrumental in helping us gather and analyze the performance of our franchise network.

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Grow your brand starting at $5 per unit per month with no setup fees nor contracts.

Just the Basics

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Easy QuickBooks Online Connect
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Aggregated Income Statement Explorer
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Per-Unit Profit and Loss Details
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Daily Sync All Historic Data
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See More

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All Features from Basics Tier
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Franchisee Dashboard with System Comparisons
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Xero, Freshbooks, and Spreadsheet Integration
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Chart of Accounts Comparison
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Connect the Future

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All Features from Previous Tiers
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Chart of Accounts Builder
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Inventory/Product/Service Item Management
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Transaction-Level Detail

Enterprise Solutions

Need more than accounting financials?  Contact us about the Zee360 Platform.
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Custom Data Connectors
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Royalty Automation
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Currency Conversion
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Franchise Agreement Tracking
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Accounting Standardization Tools
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QuickBooks Desktop & Legacy Application Integrations
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API Availability
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